Emerging solutions are like people -
they come in all shapes and sizes.

So we flip the traditional consulting model to bring you a bespoke approach every time.

With Impact Teams, cut through ambiguity and activate the power of Collective Intelligence within your organisation.

Tap into our network of 70+ sectors in Aotearoa to bring the right minds to you.

Over 13 years, we’ve honed our method and discovered that empowering individuals to challenge themselves to evolve and grow is what leads to lasting results.

Why Impact Teams


A no-nonsense method to help you act with confidence. We focus on people creating results – because effective people build effective organisations.


A collaborative, facilitated, and human approach. Our processes are uniquely Aotearoa, developed here by our people for our spaces.

Holistic Thinking

We know everything is connected – so we empower impact for individuals & organisations, and consider their impact on the world.

See what others have to say:

How it works

Bring us the following, and we’ll take you through our human-based methodology:

  • Pressing problems
  • Untapped opportunities
  • Long term strategy questions

We’ll start off with a Pre-Briefing. Which leads on to some Homework. Then there’s a two-day Intake, Interviews & Insights refinement. Which then leads to your Action Plan. And you walking away feeling more nimble and ready to respond to the next challenge.

Harnessing the network from:

Meet the Advisory Board

And an example Impact Team
  • Ian Harvey

    Founder of Collective Intelligence, Harv knows first-hand how diversity cuts through complexity and will be the convener of your Impact Team.

  • Riana Manuel

    Manukura Hauora (CEO) at an Iwi-led Kaupapa Māori organisation specialising in oranga (health and wellbeing). Riana has a passion for indigenising our spaces with collective wisdom.

  • Nick Lewis

    Chair and Director of a number of fintech, financial services, and energy organisations, Nick believes deeply in New Zealand companies and organisations aspiring to become world class players in their fields.

  • Conor Twyford

    As an experienced leader of a range of community sector organisations and now working in the climate change space, Conor knows the methodology works, and brings massive positive change.

  • Peter Roband

    Design coach – stories that stick, purpose for people, design for tomorrow - Peter loves working with people who are not like him, on problems worth solving for Aotearoa-New Zealand.

  • Anake Goodall

    As a director of Meridian Energy and supporter of regenerative pathways, Anake believes Impact Teams have real potential to offer practical, effective solutions to people doing important work.

  • Tui Williams

    Co-founder and Coach at the Emerge Institute, Tui’s passionate about systems change through personal transformation.

  • Brendan Clare

    Director of NZAB, Brendan knows that the Impact Teams' process is like no other. Clients will get advice and an action plan that is intimately aligned with their business’ core values and goals.

Why now?

By 2040 we see an Aotearoa fully served by the collective intelligence of our people and place. If each of us in our corners of society can create enough space for change – take action now to disrupt what’s holding us back – we can carve a new direction together. That’s why we’re here.

Collective Intelligence is proudly BCorp Certified.